Programme Committee

Daniele Cocco
(ELETTRA, Italy)
Uwe Flechsig
(PSI, Switzerland)
Ulf Johansson
(MAXLAB, Sweden)
Mark Roper
(STFC, U.K.)
Volker Schlott
(PSI, Switzerland)
Frank Siewert
(HZB/BESSYII, Germany)
Ryszard Sobierajski
(IFPAN, Poland / FOM Rijnhuizen, The Netherlands)
Kai Tiedtke
(DESY, Germany)
Marco Zangrando
(ELETTRA, Italy)

Workshop Programme


Local organisation

Christopher Gerth
Hannah Gerth
Monika Illenseer
Barbara Keitel
Britta Niemann
Kai Tiedtke


About EuroFEL
EuroFEL is part of the ESFRI Roadmap 2008. The preparatory phase of EuroFEL (IRUVX-PP) prepares the establishment of the EuroFEL Consortium, which is a distributed Free Electron Laser facility that is going to link complementary national FEL facilities into a unique European Research Infrastructure. IRUVX-PP is funded by the European Commission under FP7.


Author information

Proceedings NIMA

All the presenters of oral contributions as well as all the authors of posters are invited to prepare an article to be submitted to the proceedings. Moreover, as there will be some room for additional contributions, all the workshop attendees are encouraged to submit an article if they think that it could be useful for the community.

The proceedings will appear as a Supplemental Special Issue of Nuclear Instruments and Methods A, and the submitted manuscripts will pass through the standard peer-reviewed system used by NIM-A, assuring a scientifically high-quality final product.

Instructions for submission

  • The submission website is located at
  • The authors, if not already registered, should register to the Elsevier Editorial System (EES) clicking register in the topmost banner.
  • Once logged into the EES, the authors should Submit New Manuscript and select Special Issue: PhotonDiag 2010 from the scroll-down menu. After that the authors should follow the online instructions to properly submit their articles.

The contributions can be 4 to 8 pages long, preferably about 6. As there is a limit for the total number of pages of the proceedings, it could be possible that the editorial committee will ask some authors to modify their articles (typically small modifications).

The deadline for submission is set to 30 September 2010. All attendees who want to submit an article are strongly invited to submit it as soon as possible in order to give the editorial committee the possibility to work immediately on the proceedings.
Moreover, please acknowledge that, though the deadline is 30 September, the final date for delivering all ACCEPTED manuscripts to Elsevier is 1 October 2010. For that reason the authors are, again, strongly invited to submit a.s.a.p., possibly already before mid-August.

The publication of the proceedings is scheduled for the beginning of 2011 but, thanks to the EES, as each article is accepted it can be sent for typesetting and appear as Article in Press in ScienceDirect. This is of benefit for the authors who carry out their revisions quickly as they can find, read and cite these papers earlier and for a longer time.

For any further question about the proceedings please, contact Marco Zangrando (